Cool Pretty Cool

Milo Hartill

“Growing up a fat black queer woman has given me a view on the world that I think makes me susceptible to seeing a lot of the worst in people, but that has also lead me to meeting some of the best people,” she explains. “I grew up with a single mum who is the bomb dot com smartest person ever, who, along with the rest of my family (and my own work as I have gotten older), have allowed me to love and appreciate myself and my body despite maybe not fitting the social ideal for women. I think breaking stereotypes and seeing a lot of stereotypes that I personally have been assumed to fill has made me really question the values society has… I am really lucky to have a very accepting family and therefore a relatively progressive outlook on the world.” Her worldview can be distilled into the following: “We all have some work to do to make this world a place where we all feel welcome.”

Madeleine Woon / Milo Hartill